The terms of use (hereinafter “the terms of use”) of our website (hereinafter “the website”) are set out herein, in the context of the services provided by our car rental company under the distinctive title «EVINCE CAR RENTAL» and the trademark «EVINCE ANONYMOUS COMPANY» (hereinafter “the Company”).

The terms of use describe how the website should be used by each visitor – user (hereinafter “the user”), as well as the manner in which a high level of protection is ensured for the user. It is important for the users to have read and fully comprehended the content of the terms of use, since they form the context of the agreement between the Company and each user as a consolidated set of rights, obligations and responsibilities; on the one side, for the Company as the owner of the website and, on the other side, for the users as visitors of the website (hereinafter “this agreement”).

Between the terms of use of this agreement and the terms of the car rental agreement that a user may sign for the rental of a car, and where they overlap with each other, the more specific car rental terms prevail and are supplemented by the terms of this agreement, only to the extent that the latter specifies or stipulates further issues.

The terms of use were created by the Company in order to guarantee the safe browsing and customer service for the website user. By using the website, the user accepts these terms of use. Should the user disagree with whole the content or any of the terms of this agreement, he/she must terminate the browsing and the use of the website as well as any further transaction with the Company.

The Company has been registered under the trade name «ΕVINCE ANONYMOYS COMPANY» and the trademark «ΕVINCE ANONYMOYS COMPANY » as displayed on the website, holding the exclusive right of their use. The above along with the copyrights, rights on database and any other copyright and industrial property rights concerning the website in combination with the underlying software code, belong to the Company or the administrator of the website. Any other trademarks, trade names, or logos that may appear on the website do not belong to the Company but to their respective third party.

The Company is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of information on the website with respect to its identity and the services it provides. The website is available continuously on a twenty-four hour basis during whole the year. The Company has the right to render unavailable the website at any time, for whatever reason or even without cause; while the Company has no liability for any damages that may occur for whatever reason due to interruption, suspension, or even termination of the website function, which is authorized to perform at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

The website is used freely and under the sole responsibility of the users. The Company neither is responsible nor is bound for any incorrect, by mistake, electronic data entry and may correct them at any time, once notice them. The information, services and data published or reproduced on the website constitute and are provided as one consolidated product “as is” and “as available”, while cannot be excluded the possibility that inadvertently and unintentionally, technical inaccuracies or typographical errors may exist. Neither any guarantee is provided nor may be deemed to be given in any manner, other than making all reasonable and suitable efforts to ensure meeting all required safety and quality standards. In any case the user must examine and consider the information provided, and act accordingly at his/her discretion. A prerequisite for the use of the website is that the user accepts that the Company, its employees and colleagues have no liability (civil, criminal, or other) before the user or any other third party that may derive the right for compensation of damages for whatever reason.

The website refers exclusively to natural persons with legal capacity under Greek legislation; while if all the relevant minimum typical and substantial requirements set by the Law are not cumulatively met, the use of the site is prohibited. In any case, persons who are not at least 18 years old are prohibited from using the website. In case persons, who are minors or are considered legally incapable under Greek legislation, visit the web pages or use the services that are accessible through the web pages of the website, the Company and the website administrators have no liability (civil, criminal, or other).

The Company may, at any time, at its sole discretion unilaterally update the terms of this agreement.

Any amendment in the terms of use of the website comes into force once their updated version it is uploaded on the website. Therefore, users must regularly check the website for any updates, while from the date of its last update they may verify whether the terms of use of this agreement have been modified. The use of the website by the users, after the updated terms are posted at this webpage constitutes acceptance of the last update of the terms of use as a whole.

The website may make reference through links, hyperlinks, banners to other webpages belonging to third parties, whose owners and administrators have the exclusive (civil, criminal, or other) liability regarding the security, legitimacy and accuracy of the content of such webpages and their services, exempted the Company from any liability whatsoever with respect to any third party rights. The Company cannot guarantee the safety, legality and validity of the content of these websites and therefore does not encourage their use. In any case, the users are obliged to check, examine carefully and comply with the terms and security rules of use, as well as with the privacy and personal data policies of respective third-party websites, and to communicate directly with their providers and/or administrators. The same should be done in cases where the user is transferred to third party websites for the provision of specific services, such as transactions for bookings.

The content of the website, such as, indicatively, the data, software, images, texts, logos, programs, trademarks, photographs, etc. constitute intellectual property of the Company protected by the Greek and EU legislation.

Any, partial or full standardization, alteration, publication, announcement, distribution, reproduction, republication, interference, modification, deletion, uploading, retransmission, sale; or by any means, exploitation of the content of the website, without written permission endorsement – consent by the Company; and the transmission of any content, application, program or information that is unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or infringes the intellectual property or any other right of the company or any third party. Users are prohibited from using any interference method or software, or attempting to interfere electronically or manually with the operation or functionality of the website, including but not limited to online uploading or creation of folders containing corrupted files or viruses, which may cause in any way alteration, change or interfere at the displayed “style and aesthetics” of the website or the underlying software code; and to make any action that may cause an illogical and asymmetrical overload on the website or infrastructure. Users are prohibited from using the booking platform in any manner that can affect its use by other users. It is prohibited to create a database of users through the systematic downloading and storing of information from the website, or by posting commercial or otherwise, or allowing others to access the website through the users’ account, username or password. Users are prohibited to proceed in uploading – postings of ads, invitations, chain letters, pyramids, investment opportunities or any other unwanted commercial communications, engagement in spamming or flooding, modifications, adjustments, licensing, translations, sales, transfers, reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling of any part of the website or its content. Users are prohibited from transmitting or sending any malware or other material to the site containing viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses, worms, cancel bots or other computer programming features that may harm, interfere with, interrupt, or affect any system, data or information, and the use of any robot, spider, site search or retrieval application or other manual or automatic device or process for recovering, finding, data mining, or in any way, the reproduction or circumvention of the navigation structure or presentation of the website or its content.

The users are allowed to download, print, and copy the material of the website, only for their personal – non-commercial use, so that they can review and understand the services provided by the company, as well as the users’ and Company’s rights and obligations.

The Company shall take all appropriate measures required to ensure that any information sent to the website for car bookings is kept confidential and is protected from any unauthorized access or use, theft, disclosure, modification, by providing the appropriate physical, technical, procedural and electronic protection measures. More specifically, the Company has a Security Certificate “SSL” to encrypt the data of each user.

Regarding the online car rental booking service’s, provided by the Company, using a debit or credit card, you are redirected to a special and secure Alpha Bank website(redirection) where you can enter your card details in order to be charged.(Our company Evince does not have access to customer’s card details for security reasons.) Once the process is complete, Alpha Bank will charge the appropriate amount and then, whether the transaction is accepted or not, you will be informed with a positive or negative response.

The user acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to deny the user’s access to this website if it determines in its sole discretion that the user violates the terms of use.

The Company cannot guarantee that the access of the users to the website shall always be performed without any interruptions, errors or malfunctions, and that any information, data, content, software or other information does not contain any programming errors, viruses, internet risks, or any other potentially harmful element. The Company has no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any nature arising or caused by the access or the use of the website, or because of users’ access to other websites linked to the website.

The terms of use of this agreement are governed by and construed in accordance with applicable Greek and EU legislation. The user is aware and agrees that, any court actions concerning a dispute due to the access/use of the website can exclusively take place at the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of Arta, as well as the Court of Appeal of Ioannina, which are exclusively competent for the judicial resolution of the dispute on the basis of the material jurisdiction of the dispute. In any event, the users and the company are obliged to have exhausted all possibilities for an out-of-court settlement for any dispute that may arise between them, before they proceed to any court actions.

The users agree to compensate the company for any damage, liability, loss, claim and related expense arising out of any breach of the terms of use of this agreement. In any event that is illegal or contrary to the terms of use of this site, visitors are obliged to indemnify the owners for any damages.

Failure to exercise any of the rights provided in the terms of use of this agreement does not constitute a waiver from them.

This agreement has been drawn up in Greek and translated into the English language, while for any doubt arising as to the true meaning of the terms in this agreement, the interpretation given with the Greek text shall prevail.

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